HOS Tips: How to Clean Mirrored Furniture

HOS Tips: How to Clean Mirrored Furniture

  • Natalie Ward
House of Sparkles: Pallet How To – Our Guide On Making Things With Pallets

House of Sparkles: Pallet How To – Our Guide On Making Things With Pallets

We know it’s such a pain once you order beautiful furniture and it turns up in a great big pallet and now you have to think of a way to dispose of it! Well don’t worry anymore, why not test your creative side? Here at HOS we thought we would put this to the test!

So, here’s a helpful guide to working with pallets!

House of Sparkles TOP 6 DESIGN IDEAS:

6 ) Pallet Drinks Tray:

5 ) Pallet Shelves:

4) Pallet Photo Frame:

3) Pallet Garden Feature

2) Pallet Lounge Set:

1) Our favourite! Pallet Hammock!


Taking apart the pallets:

Most useful method: Duckbill Deck Wrecker from Amazon. This tool lifts those boards easily, and you can take out the nails with a hammer. If you plan to do a lot of pallet projects, then this is definitely worth considering!

Method 2: If you don’t have a deck wrecker or a pallet buster, another method is to use a hammer and a pry bar, which does take a lot more time. However, it’s the least expensive way to start!

Design, planning and finishing considerations:

When planning to build something with pallet wood, one of the first things to consider is where it needs to be accurate VS where it’s more forgiving and you can keep the rustic character. It’s more forgiving where it’s rustic. Areas that need to accurate i.e. table legs or a square picture frame will need more planning ahead!

When it comes to sanding and finishing your pallet, if it’s something you touch often i.e. a crate or a table top, you will want to sand the wood more! So, start with 80 grit sand paper, then go to 120 or even 220!

In other places we can just sand a little bit with 120 grit to make sure the wood is free of splinters, and still keep the character of the wood surface.


Remember, when working with wood ALWAYS wear gloves and eye goggles because of those nails and splinters!

Before you turn on any power tools, first get a sturdy work surface i.e. a work bench or even a sturdy old table (with wood clamps – this is important)!


When it comes to finishing your pallet design, you can choose from either paints/wax/oil for your pallet!


We hope you found our HOS hints and tips useful! Make sure to show us your pictures of your pallet furniture! 



  • Natalie Ward
HOS: Our Top Tips to clean your Crushed Velvet!

HOS: Our Top Tips to clean your Crushed Velvet!

Questions often asked:

How do I clean food spills from velvet seat cover/dining room chairs?

Once you order your crushed velvet furniture from us.. what happens next? We want to make sure our HOS family are prepared in case something like this happens to their upholstery! Hopefully you wont need this tips but we all know accidents can happen! This blog post will be your saviour and tell you everything you need to know when it comes to cleaning your crushed velvet upholstery! 

What you will need:

  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Dry cleaning solvent
  • Water
  • Bucket & Sponge
  • Soft cloths
  • Towels
  • Hair dryer / Fan

Steps to clean and keep your Crushed Velvet pristine:

  1. As soon as the spill happens – soak it up with either paper towels or a soft cloth.
  2. For more persistent stains: Mix some dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water and agitate vigorously until suds fill to the top.
  3. Use a soft cloth to apply only the suds to the stained area.
  4. Blot the suds onto the stains until they start to fade.
  5. Blot with a clean cloth to remove the remaining stain and any residue from the suds.
  6. Allow the area to dry completely, or dry with a hair dryer or fan.


  1. Using dry cleaning solvents to remove the stains. Apply the solvent to a moist cloth and blot it on the stain as before.
  2. Allow the solvent to dry on the fabric (hair dryer can be used to speed up the process).
  3. Brush the surface of the fabric to restore the nap after it has completely dried.


Allowing stains to set on velvet not only affects its appearance, but it also affects the durability of the material. The food left on the fabric causes the fabric to weaken which takes away even more from the beautiful appearance.

  • When blotting stains, avoid using too much pressure as this can actually push the stain further into the fibers.
  • Use a steamer to restore the luster and shine of the velvet. Keep it moving in the direction of the nap.

  • Natalie Ward
8 Great Ideas To Decorate Your Bedroom

8 Great Ideas To Decorate Your Bedroom

 There are so many ways to decorate your modern bedroom. We’ve made things easier for our HOS family and listed the best ones below. These tips will add charm and glamour to the bedroom if it is looking dull and boring and with just this little addition a great look is added to your bedroom. These elements may sound simple but it will give a unique enchanting look to your home.


  1. Fur Throws 

This beautiful bedroom with modern addition of colours and textures, where the cushions are covered in different subtle shades of colours and the throw is the main feature, its quilt is in faux fur material that is soft to touch and lovely to look at.


Love this? SEARCH: ‘Fur Throw’ (


  1. Mirror/Mosaic décor:

Another great way to decorate your bedroom is to add mirrors in any forms as it can be in wall frames, furniture, mirror tiles or large floor length or oversized mirrors that will add glam to the room. This picture makes use of a mirrored side table which not only adds glamour to the room but would make your bedroom appear spacious and brighter. If you would like to have a more glamorous effect to your bedroom our mosaic bedroom collection is the perfect touch.


Love this? Shop our Venetian Collection and Mosaic Bedroom Collection (


  1. Modern furniture:

The center of the attraction for any home always lies in the furnishing of the room and you can choose any kind of theme for the room like modern, antique, shabby chic, or vintage. This is a modern French style bedroom with stylish, glamorous furnishing. The sparkle cushions will add a touch of class and light to your bedroom and is the perfect center attraction point.



Love this? Search our Kylie Home Collection (


  1. Wall Art décor:

Never leave the walls empty if you have a large bedroom, you can always add some kind of wall décor to further enhance the looks of the room and it can be paintings, canvas art, or any kind of wall art. To really open up your bedroom try a selection of mirrored wall art this would add the illusion of creating more space within your home.


Shop our Mirror Wall Art Collection (


  1. Extra furniture:

Besides the essential bed and side table you can also add a cushion sofa, day bed, French lounge chair or a coffee table to your bedroom if there is enough space to accommodate these, as they will look rich and bigger.


Get your similar look and search: Our French Style Boudoir Collection (


  1. Vintage décor:

This is a modern bedroom with vintage trunks stacked beside the bed that is used as a side table and looks unique too. Here at House of Sparkles we’ve combined the two looks. Vintage yet bespoke, these trunks aren’t available on the high street. For a unique, yet vintage feel we would recommend our mirrored trunks.



Love this? Search: ‘Trunks’ (


  1. Your Curtains

The finishing touch for any bedroom is the curtains. This completes the whole look and design. For a glamorous effect, floor length curtains give your bedroom a superior, warm feel with an elegant finish. This picture: The curtains are made with ‘Sheer’ fabric, this reflects the light and the grey tone mixed with warm lighting creates a warm, homely feel.

Love this? Shop our Kylie Curtain Collection ( 


  1. Lighting:

As soon as you walk into your bedroom what is your main focus point? Lighting! We’ve talked about opening up your room with mirrored furniture or wall art to reflect the light and make your bedroom to appear more spacious and brighter. What a perfect finishing touch to add to your room than a superior chandelier. No matter what size your bedroom is a chandelier is a sure way for your bedroom to appear enchanting and spacious.

Both pictures below are perfect options for your chandelier, black; creates an amatory desirable effect to your bedroom. Ivory; creates a light and open feel to your home paired with light furniture it’s the perfect high-end finishing touch.


Love this? Search 'Chandelier' (



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House Of Sparkles launch new website!!

House Of Sparkles launch new website!!

House Of Sparkles are a bespoke furniture company providing made to order, high end, glamorous furniture at affordable prices! 

Having provided bespoke fit outs for many of the UKs most popular celebrities and fashionistas, the founder and designer of our furniture, Jennifer Chapman, felt passionately about bringing that High End Glamour to the general publics domain. 

The companies core values and mission is pushed through by her belief that everyone deserves some sparkle in their lives.

"Furniture, and your home are a direct reflection of you. It's also the place you spend the most time in throughout the course of your life! So why shouldn't that reflection be fabulous! "

We have amazing pieces for all shapes and sizes of home, and strive to bring to market the highest quality products, at prices that are affordable.

" Our collections give our customers the opportunity to create a gorgeous interior look, in any room. One that they can be proud of, and be the envy of their friends and family!

We deliver a personal, professional service! We will do everything in our power to make your purchase a simple and enjoyable one. We will contact you once an order is placed so that we understand when best to deliver an item, and again after dispatch. 

Our new website gives customers an opportunity to purchase items easily and browse through our vast collection of furniture!

Join our long list of subscribers and get Monthly discount codes to use on all our items!!

Remember, we easy to speak to. Request a call back by emailing

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